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Oakland Chapter


The Oakland Chapter was founded in 2000 by passionate and dedicated women motivated by the simple objective of service. We are excited to build upon the strong legacy of service established by our chapter founders, Nicole Ennix, Michelle LeNoir, and Regene Ross. Charter members included Etna Laura Ross, Katharine Ennix, the late Jane Grisham, Beth Johnson, Casie Johnson, Denise LeNoir, and Elaine Needham. We stand on the shoulders of these giants, many of whom are still active members!

The Oakland chapter has worked with the local organizations such as Police Activities League (PAL), The Elizabeth  House, Lincoln Center, MISSSEY, Inc., Black Cultural Zone Food Distribution, Project Pride, Afro-Play, and the Oakland Fire Department to identify the families in the community with the greatest need. These have been strong partnerships for many years. We work with the families to create a “wish-list” of needs and wants. On gift delivery day, we arrive with most of the requests on the “wish-list”. The expressions on the children’s faces of awe, joy, and gratitude are priceless. This is why we do what we do. Oakland’s successful annual “Party with a Purpose” fundraiser has provided Christmas cheer to hundreds of deserving Oakland families for over 20 years. Our Chapter is an anchor in the community, and our members are committed to
the mission of Twelve Days.

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Greetings from the Oakland Chapter of The Twelve Days of Christmas, Inc.!
I am deeply honored and proud to have been elected President of the Oakland Chapter. I serve alongside more than 20 women who are leaders in this community and who have a heart for giving back. In 2020, we broke our own 2019 fundraising record - raising nearly $40,000 to serve Oakland children and Families. We are excited to see what the new year has in store as we continue the momentum to grow and expand. In Oakland, we remain laser-focused on our mission to share our blessings with others, and we delight in this sisterhood that also fosters friendship, spirit, and energy. Together we are collaborating on different ideas for new programs and services to build on the chapter's rich legacy. 

The city of Oakland has a rich legacy of activism and service.  Over the last 20 years our chapter has served as a trusted and dedicated partner to the local Police Activities League (PAL) and The Elizabeth House serving hundreds of families in the Oakland community during the Christmas season.  In 2020, we were able to support several new families through community partners such as MISSSEY, Inc., Black Cultural Zone Food Distribution, Project Pride, Lotus Bloom-Afro Play, and the Oakland Fire Department. We achieved many of our goals in 2020, but I am most proud that we were able to double our fundraising and still host a fantastic virtual experience for our annual supporters.  

We are deeply grateful to our members, our community and our corporate sponsors - including Amazon and Kendo Brands - for their steadfast commitment to our vision and mission.  The needs of our community are magnified, and we are ready to meet the challenge. Your continued love and support provide our chapter with the unique privilege of placing smiles on many children's faces and serving up joy during the Christmas season. 

We are blessed to have this sisterhood - and to be a blessing to those who need us most.

Nerissa Johnso

Oakland Chapter President


President: Nerissa Johnson
Vice President: Kristina Davenport
Secretary: Joy Ricardo
Treasurer: Michelle Branner
Parliamentarian: Kimberley (Kim) Williams-Bowie


Mary Esther Augustine (Alumni)

Malaika Bobino

Robin Booker

Janell Brown

Alisa Burton

Nicole Ennix

Katharine (Kathy) Ennix

Kimberlei Evans Dixon

Taryn Grogan

Cynthia Hearn Roy

Shari Hollis Ross

Tiaja Jacks

Sandra Johnson

Zayani Lavergne-Friedman

Rachelle LeBlanc Cunningham

Valerie Lewis

Jennifer Madden

Etna Laura Ross (Alumni)

Toni Warren

Jain Williams

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